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House Training Your Puppy

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Potty Training is one of the first subjects a new puppy owner should be educated on from a canine behaviorist point of view. Finding a "house training schedule," creating a daily routine, and understanding the fundamentals of puppy training; Preparing a new puppy owner while creating a foundation to build from.#HouseTraining #PottyTraining #Puppy101

There is a puppy potty formula. Ultimately younger puppies have to relieve themselves more frequently. House training may take some work, but it's better to get it done now rather that cleaning up the mess later in your puppies life when they have been routinely having potty accidents. If your dog has already been house trained and is having accidents inside your home, you may want to make an appointment with your regular DVM also known as a Veterinarian. Get your puppy on the right track. Train now, play later; By using the resources on this website and getting advice from an expert canine behaviorist.

"Once your puppy has successfully gone outside, it is important to reward the good behavior. It doesn't have to be a big, loud celebration, but a simple quiet approval or a treat can get the message across of a job well done. -Ceasar Millan #CeasarMillan

Crate training, praising, showing your dog where he or she is allowed to "relieve themselves," and avoiding punishment if you do not catch your dog in the act are some of the basic puppy potty training fundamentals.

Consequences for Inappropriate Elimination

Show your puppy the right place to go when they have an accident. If you want your new puppy to understands he’s not allowed to go in the house, a dog trainer would tell you to catch him in the act. If you aren't suppose to punish your puppy when you catch him peeing on your rug, how do you communicate that going in the house is not allowed?

Redirection is the answer! When you catch your puppy in the act of pooping or peeing in your home, quickly interrupt with a phrase like “Uh-Uh!" or "No Louis!" - immediately and gently pick up your pup, and show them where to go relieve themselves in an appropriate location, while saying "potty outside!"

If your interruption startled your dog into pausing their business or holding their bladder; Once you are outside, you should wait there with your dog for several minutes. In some cases, after your pup was caught in the action, paused his bladder, they now may begin to potty again outside. If they finish eliminating outside. This gives you the chance to positively reinforce the correct behavior by praise and treats! #Puppy101 #PottyTraining

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