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Puppy Pricing

“You can find cheaper Corgi puppies elsewhere but more than likely they will not have received the same start as our puppies.  We realize that the experiences that puppies have during the Socialization Period of their life (up to 16 weeks old) greatly influences the kind of dog that they will become.   This is why we raise our puppies in enriched environments and work so hard to expose them to as many different situations as possible during their first 8 weeks of life before they go to their new homes.”

What's Included in the price?

  • All puppies are raised with our Next Level Puppy Program to provide you with a puppy that is well socialized and can easily function in a human world.

  • Genetic tested parents to ensure that your puppy will never develop DM, EIC, vWD1, PRA-rcd3 or X-SCID. We test through Embark’s breeder panel for known Pembroke genetic diseases and over 200 other canine diseases.

  • Lifetime breeder support

  • One year genetic health guarantee

  • Puppies come microchipped with and ISO International Microchip

  • Age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings

  • All puppies are vet checked

  • Temperament testing to help you find the right puppy to fit your lifestyle & personality

  • Buyer resources to help you prepare before & after getting a puppy

  • Private Facebook group for Harman Corgi owners

  • 30 days of Free pet insurance

  • Puppy Care package

  • Individual Zoom meetings for puppy picking with every buyer

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