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We will respond back to you once you have submitted the Getting To Know You Form with an approval and an estimated time frame of getting a puppy.  

If this time frame is acceptable to you, we will invoice you for a $200 Waiting List Deposit.  This deposit will be applied towards the final cost of your puppy.

Please feel free to call us to verify who we are and discuss our policies.  Faye  619-577-6507

Waiting List

Things to know about the waiting list

  • Your position on the waiting list is determined by the date we receive your waiting list deposit.

  • We will give you an estimated time frame of when to expect a puppy after you submit you’re Getting To Know You Form.  Please understand that this is an estimate and things do not always go as expected.  If you are not ready for a puppy until after this projected date that is fine, just specify your desired timeframe on your Getting to Know You Form. 

  • You are entitled to a complete refund if we are unable to provide a puppy that meets your preferences in the estimated time frame.  If you choose to drop off the waiting list for any other reason, we will refund your deposit minus a $50 admin fee to cover payment processing fees. 

  • You may not transfer your position on our waiting list to anyone else including friends or family.

  • You will be grandfathered to the price range listed on our website when we received your deposit if we raise our prices. 

  • We realize that things change in people’s lives and encourage you to update us on preference or timeline changes on your part.  We will try to accommodate you however if we offer you a puppy that fits your preferences multiple times and you continue to pass we have the right to adjust pricing to current rates.  If the price change is unacceptable to you we will completely refund your deposit.

  • To be fair to everyone on the list we expect you to respond back to our emails in a timely manner. We reserve the right to remove people who repeatably fail to respond to emails regarding possible puppies and will refund their deposit less a $50 admin fee to cover payment processing fees. 

Keeping you in the loop

We will correspond with you through email.  It is critical that you supply us with an email that you check often! Here is what to expect.

1. Preference Updates: From time to time we send out preference updates in case you need to change your time-frame or what you are looking for. 

2. Newsletters:  We send out a monthly newsletter telling you what is going on a Harman Corgis. 

3.  When puppies are 2-3 weeks old:  We will contact people on the list whose preferences fit the litter to determine if it is still a good time for you to get a puppy.  Please look at your calendars carefully to make sure the timing works and please make sure that you will be financially ready for a puppy before committing to a puppy from a litter.

We expect a response back within 72  hours letting us know either way. 

4. Litter list:  You will be placed on a specific litter list when you tell us that you are ready for a puppy.  You will receive a link to the litter’s webpage so you can access videos and pictures as they are updated.  You will also start receiving weekly emails to help you prepare.

5. Puppy picking:  Puppies are vet checked when they are 6 to 7 weeks old and temperament tested when they are a little over 7 weeks old.  

We will set up zoom meetings for every buyer after puppies have cleared their vet check and have been temperament tested. Zoom meetings allow you to see the puppies in action and you discuss puppies.  

Due to the fact that we have had several people back out from picking a puppy at the last minute, we reserve the right to remove people from the waiting list if they back out once they have committed to a litter list or fail to respond to emails.

How Puppy Picking Works

Visit our page How Puppy Picking Works for details on this process.

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